Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation Meets With Canadian Section IJC Chair Walker and Staff

April 9, 2018 5:17 pm

On January 24, 2018  Mary Muter, Chair of the Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation’ arranged a meeting with the International Joint Commission (IJC) in Ottawa, so I ( Bill Bialkowski) could present the latest results of hydraulic modeling work on the St. Clair River and the potential impacts on the water levels of Lakes Michigan-Huron... View Article

150 Years – Bad Environmental Beginning-Towards a Better Future

July 1, 2017 1:19 pm

150 years ago, humans began to interfere with the natural depth and flow of the St. Clair River by mining the gravel of its river bed for road construction.  This ongoing meddling with nature culminated in 1962 with the final dredging for the St. Lawrence Seaway Project.  As a result, the St. Clair River is... View Article